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Journal of Sociocybernetics volume 10 is now available

We are pleased to announce that the Vol. 10 (2012) of our open access Journal of Sociocybernetics  is out.

The current issue focus on “Sustainable Development”. The first two articles attend the social dimension of the tri-dimensional approach of Sustainability (ecological, economic and social dimension). Luciano Gallón starts with his article “Poverty and Artificial Sustainability. A research on the Structure and Dynamics of South America” where he shows the process of building a theoretical and practical framework for modelling South America using the approach of Systems Dynamics.

The social dimension of Sustainable Development is also focussed in the following contribution. Darío Menanteau-Horta analyses in his article “Globalization and Distorted Development: In Search of a System Perspective for Sustainability” the topic of Sustainable Development within the controversy between those who promise prosperity and opportunities in an expanded and international world market and those who claim that globalization, as it has been carried on today, is a negative force for peace, equity, and social development.

In his Short Communication to this topic Nils O. Larsson suggests a methodology to find the most important decisions within a specific area of discussion. Focussing on the important decisions and in which settings they are taken gives an increased possibility of solving the problems in question. In this actual subject the analysis should cover decisions on all levels i.e. individual, informal and formal groupings of people, nations, group of nations as well as decisions on the global level.

In continuation of his “Introduction into Sociocybernetics”, published in the last edition of JoS, Roberto Gustavo Mancilla presents now the second part focussing the relationship between power, culture and institutions. The third part in which the question of rationality and language will be discussed follows in the next issue of the Journal of Sociocybernetics.

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Abstracts Booklet for 12th Conference of Sociocybernetics

We just uploaded the traditional abstract booklet for papers presented during the 12th Conference of Sociocybernetics.

Publication of selected contributions is planned as an outcome of the Conference. Two journals have offered to accept papers: the Journal of Applied Research and Technology (JART), which will publish a special issue devoted to conference papers and the RC51 official journal, Journal of Sociocybernetics (JoS) where papers with a more conceptual and theoretical contributions related to our field of study are appreciated.

In the meanwhile please don’t forget that the abstract submission for Yokohama is already open (deadline 30th September).

Journal of Sociocybernetics new issue

We are delighted to announce that a brand new issue of the Journal of Sociocybernetics is now available.

Vol 9, No 1/2 (2011)

Table of Contents

Notes from the Editor

Notes from the Editor PDF
Michael Paetau


The spectral sign: a cybernetic perspective on digital conversations PDF
Marco Toledo Bastos
Les Deux Angleterres et le Continent. Anglophone sociology as the guardian of Old European semantics PDF
Steffen Roth
Introduction to Sociocybernetics part 1: Third order cybernetics and a basic framework for society PDF
Roberto Gustavo Mancilla


Announcements PDF
Michael Paetau
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Journal of Sociocybernetics moves to Open Journal Systems

Starting from the next issue our peer-reviewed Journal of Sociocybernetics (ISBN 1607-8667) will move from the pdf format to a truly open system where all the single articles will be directly accessible and easier to be indexed by systems such as Google Scholar. The new platform, an instance of Open Journal Systems courtesy hosted by the University of Zaragoza, also support and streamline the editor, reviewers and author work.

So we all have a couple of brand new good reasons to submit your papers to JoS.

Go straight to the Submission session to know more about how online submissions work, authors guidelines, copyright notice and privacy statement.

Finally a big thank you to our journal editor Michael Paetau who took the time to setup and configure the new platform.

New JoS call for papers

Our journal editor Michael Paetau is preparing two brand new special issues of the Journal of Sociocybernetics.

The topics addressed will be “Complexity of Migration” and “Liquid Democracy”.

We invite you to read both CFP (1 | 2) and to submit your paper proposal.

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