RC51 is the research committee on sociocybernetics of the International Sociological Association.

We aim to promote the development of sociocybernetic theory and research within the social sciences. Sociocybernetics is broadly defined here as applications within the social sciences of first- and second-order cybernetics, general systems theory and the various combinations and variations of these that can be subsumed under the term “the emerging sciences of complexity”.

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Our Newsletter editors Toru TAKAHASHI (Japan) & Andrew MITCHELL (UK-Japan) had made available the latest issue of our beloved RC51 Newsletter. Download it here.

NEW BOARD 2018-2022

According to our statutes, following the call for candidates and afterwards the mail-ballot among our members, the RC51 has elected new Board for 2018-2022.

The Elections Committee (Eva Buchinger, Bernd Hornung and Chaime Marcuello Servós) received the nomination of candidates for the positions of President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer as follows:

President          : Patricia E. Almaguer Kalixto (SPAIN)
Vice-President  : Raija Koskinen (FINLAND)
Secretary          : Manuel Meza Cuervo (MEXICO)
Treasurer          : Saburo Akahori (JAPAN)

The Elections Committee confirm that all are members in good standing and willing to serve in the Board. After the electoral process, the new Board was approved with 25 votes in favour, all of members in good standing (i.e. paid fees) both of the ISA and the RC51 by the 20th of November, due date to vote.

Congratulations to the new Board and thank you to all the members of the previous Board with special thank you to our past president Chaime Marcuello Servós.

We must continue working as RC51, now is the time to support our new president and her team.


We are pleased to announce that the Call for Proposals for the
15th International Conference of Sociocybernetics (ICSC) is now out.

“Dark Ages 2.0”: Social Media And Their Impact

June 25-29 2019, University of Urbino Carlo Bo, Urbino, Italy

Please submit your proposals before February 1, 2019

The full Call for Proposals with Submission Guidelines is HERE.

RC51 Board Elections 2018-2022

According to our statutes the election of the RC51 Board 2018-2022 is now due. As a result of the call and the work of the Nominating Committee you will find the following excellent candidates in the voting sheet.

Please vote by the 20th of November 2018.

You can find all the details here: RC51 Board Elections 2018-2022


As every year, a committee of RC51 members carefully followed all presentations delivered during the 2018 RC51 Sessions within the XIX ISA World Congress of Sociology in Toronto, and picked one.

Congratulation to the winners of the Walter Buckley Memorial Award on Excellence in presenting Sociocybernetics 2018: Ksenia SidorovaFrancia Peniche and Astrid K. Rivero for their presentation Languaging to trigger change: second-order intercultural conversations with urban youth of Maya descent.

A complete list of the winners of previous editions is available in Buckley Award page.