ISA Forum call for papers

Second ISA Forum of Sociology on Social Justice and Democratization (Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2012).

RC51 will organize the following sessions:

  1. Sociocybernetic Principles: Technology & Ecology & Globalization (session organizer: Eva Buchinger)
  2. Modern Sociological Systems Theory in Social Practice – Applications to Societal Problems (session organizer: Karl-Heinz Simon)
  3. Systemic perspective to think knowledge and cultural management development (session organizer: Margarita Maass)
  4. »Diaspora« and Complexity of Migration (session organizer: Michael Paetau),
  5. Observing, Measuring and Reconstructing Emergent Meaning (session organizer: Liliana Ramírez Ruiz)
  6. Sociocybernetic approach to democratization processes (session organizer: José A. Amozurrutia)
  7. and a slot for presenting two books “Society, Ciberculture and Sociocybernetics” and “Sociology on the move” (session organizer: Margarita Maass).

Abstract submission: from 25th of August to 15th of December 2011.

Please check ISA Forum website for more information on how to sumbit.

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2 thoughts on “ISA Forum call for papers

  1. Héctor says:

    After deadlines we have 50 abstracts !!!!!
    We are preparing the final list of abstracts that have been accepted for each Session Organizer.
    Then, I will comunicate the accepted works.
    Héctor Zamorano 21/12/2011

  2. […] local session organizer Hèctor Zamorano just announced in a comment to this post that the local organizing committee received 50 abstracts for the 7 sessions […]

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