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50 abstracts for RC51 sessions at ISA Forum

Our local session organizer Hèctor Zamorano just announced in a comment to this post that the local organizing committee received 50 abstracts for the 7 sessions organized by RC51 at the second ISA Forum of Sociology to be held next year in Buenos Aires. The review process is in progress and the authors of accepted papers will be soon notified.

Newsletter Issue 25

Our newsletter editor Patricia Almaguer-Kalixto just sent to the internal mailing list the latest issue of our beloved RC51 Newsletter.

In this issue:

RC51 letter from the President, 11th International Conference of Sociocybernetics, June 2011 Faro, Portugal [Call for papers], Journal of Sociocybernetics Thematic Issue on »Liquid Democracy« and »Complexity of Migration« [Call for papers], New RC51 website, ISA Forum 2012 in Buenos Aries, Review of the International Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics Edited by Charles Francois (2nd Edition, 2004), Book announcements: Second Order Cybernetics: Reflections on Cybernetics, Psychology and Education and Gordon Pask: The Cybernetics of Self-Organisation, Learning and Evolution. Uses and Abuses of Intelligence: Studies Advancing Spearman and Raven’s Quest for Non ArbitraryMetrics, Messages from the RC51 Secretary, Sixth ISA Worldwide Competition for Junior Sociologists.

Fulltext PDF Newsletter download: RC51 Newsletter I_25

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