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Walter Buckley Award 2012

Since 2006 conference in Durban we use to confer the Walter Buckley Memorial Award to best presenter/presentation of the year.

It’s therefore a great pleasure and a privilege to announce that the winner of the 2012 Walter Buckley Memorial Award was Ilknur Oner who presented the paper titled “Complexity of recent disaster and migration patterns: Examples of Thoku – Japan”.


Furthermore, during the business meeting of Faro conference it was also announced that since several members of RC51 will also be present in Buenos Aires a special extra edition of the award will be given this year to the best presentation and presenter of RC51 sessions at ISA Forum.

P.S. We also updated the award webpage with the name of all the winners since 2006!

Programme of the RC51 sessions at ISA Forum

While the conference in Faro is still in progress, we are happy to announce that the programme of RC51 sessions to ISA Forum in Buenos Aires (1-4 August) is now available.

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