Newsletter Issue 26 is now available

We are happy to announce that a shining brand new issue of the RC51 Newsletter is now available for download.

In this issue:

  • Editor’s introduction by Patricia Almaguer-Kalixto
  • Highlights of 2010-2012 – message from the Secretary by Czesław Mesjasz
  • 11th International Conference of Sociocybernetics (Faro, Portugal) by organizing committee
  • Ways to get updated about RC51 on Sociocybernetics’actvities by Fabio Giglietto
  • Program of RC51 Sessions in ISA Forum 2012 (Buenos Aires) by Héctor Zamorano

Book announcements:

  • Scope and goals of the book series on “Complexity, Design, Society” by Karl. H Müller

Past conference reviews:

  • Looking Back – Some Contemplations about the 10th International Conference of Sociocybernetics “SOCIOCYBERNETICS AND THE INCREASING COMPLEXITY OF SOCIAL LIFE”, Cracow, Poland, June 20-25, 2011 by Bernd Hornung
  • Incursions to the Sociocybernetic field: Perspectives on the recent conference on Complexity and Social Action (Faro, Portugal) by Pedro J. Escriche
  • Events and calls for papers from ISA and IFSR

All members are invited to contribute with book announcements, reviews, call for papers and other useful information to the newsletter.

The next issue is schedule to be published during winter 2012.