Report from RC51 crew at ISA Forum in Buenos Aires

The 2nd ISA Fórum SOCIAL JUSTICE & DEMOCRATIZATION was held in Buenos Aires , Argentina from the 1st- 4th, of August 2012

Programme Coordinator: Hector Zamorano, Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina

Vicepresident RC51: Margarita Maass, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Programme coordinator report

When last year was coming to an end I got the responsibility for being the Program coordinator of our RC51 for the ISA FORUM. As I had no experience in this kind of issue, Margarita agreed to support and help me. Eva gave us clear instructions about our work, and so, we began.

All ISA deadlines were met in time.

All the Session Organizers worked very hard reading the papers.

As you know, the Sessions Organizers were:
1. Margarita Maass (with 3 sessions)
2. Liliana Ramirez Ruiz, who did not attend and was replaced by Gabriel Velez
3. Karl Heinz Simon (with 2 sessions)
4. Juan Carlos Barron Pastor
5. José Amozorrutia
6. Eva Buchinger, who couldn’t assist and whose session was distributed among the others.

In Buenos Aires, our meetings took place at the Economics Faculty during raining and cold days. To sum up, the papers we had can be divided into theoretical approaches and practical researches. In the ISA FORUM web site it is possible to see the abstracts of each work.

In the end we had 24 presentations and an average of 20 colleagues in each session. Every formal meeting were coupled with face to face contacts and informal discussions during the breaks.

Within the group of presentations we had many young researchers from different countries (Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Germany), whom we could invite to be part of RC51 permanently.

As regards “Walter Buckley” award, we declare it desert because we did not consider any submission met the criteria for recognition.

On the other hand, Margarita Maass, as vice president of RC51, attended the Board meetings that were held in the Forum.

We made a report on these meetings with the topics and documents received:

1. We received a copy of the Report of activities of the ISA with a summary of the reports of the committees. We will send the documents to Eva Buchinger.

2. We had a presentation by the organizers of the XVII ISA World Congress of Sociology which will be in Yokohama, Japan, from 13 to 19 july 2014.

3. Some topics:
a) Affiliated Members
b) Awards Granted
c) Special Activities for Junior Sociologists
d) Thanks to the organizers of the Forum of Argentina

3. The Nominating Committee (NC) was appointed for the next ISA Elections of
the officers for the Fall 2014-Summer Period 2018.

As a conclusion we can be sure that our participation in the ISA FORUM was

We want to say thank you to all who helped us in this activity.

Héctor Zamorano

RC51 Program Coordinator, ISA FORUM 2012

Download the report in PDF format


We take the chance to tank once again Héctor for organizing such a successful event, RC51 members who organized a panel and all the other speakers and attendees  who made possible the presence of RC51 in Buenos Aires.