Monthly Archives: September 2012

Journal of Sociocybernetics moves to Open Journal Systems

Starting from the next issue our peer-reviewed Journal of Sociocybernetics (ISBN 1607-8667) will move from the pdf format to a truly open system where all the single articles will be directly accessible and easier to be indexed by systems such as Google Scholar. The new platform, an instance of Open Journal Systems courtesy hosted by the University of Zaragoza, also support and streamline the editor, reviewers and author work.

So we all have a couple of brand new good reasons to submit your papers to JoS.

Go straight to the Submission session to know more about how online submissions work, authors guidelines, copyright notice and privacy statement.

Finally a big thank you to our journal editor Michael Paetau who took the time to setup and configure the new platform.

Announcing 2013 annual conference

Just a quick announcement about the 12th international conference of sociocybernetics.

The conference will be organized by our colleagues from UNAM in Mexico City.  The venue will be in Merida (nearby Cancun) in the region of Yucatán (México). The general time frame is summer 2013.

Expect more details in the upcoming call for papers (expect it around the end of the year).