Call for Sessions: IV ISA Forum of Sociology

Complexity and systemic thinking, at the core of sociocybernetics, are topical in terms of the challenges of the 21st century stated for the IV ISA Forum of Sociology in Porto Alegre, Brazil July 14 – 18, 2020. Democracy, Environment, Inequalities and Intersectionality, the challenges listed by ISA meet us all in their various manifestations locally and globally.

The Research committee 51 on Sociocybernetics is committed to interdisciplinary collaboration. As a result, the activities of RC51 aim to firm, decisive and fruitful openness in developing practical and theoretical insight for matters that matter. We invite you to make an impact by proposing a session that will attract active and proactive researchers from different backgrounds and disciplines involved in tackling urgent issues.

You can make a proposal for IV ISA Forum of Sociology session in English, French or Spanish in the following categories:

  • Paper presentation sessions
  • Roundtable session
  • Poster session
  • Joint session

Other formats such as hands-on workshops, artistic interventions, performative lectures, hybrid interdisciplinary research presentations are welcome.

More information of the IV ISA Forum of Sociology and the call for sessions:

Program Coordinators
Raija Koskinen, Martina Raponi and Patricia Almaguer-Kalixto