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Programme of the RC51 sessions at ISA Forum

While the conference in Faro is still in progress, we are happy to announce that the programme of RC51 sessions to ISA Forum in Buenos Aires (1-4 August) is now available.

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ISA Forum call for papers

Second ISA Forum of Sociology on Social Justice and Democratization (Buenos Aires, Argentina, August 2012).

RC51 will organize the following sessions:

  1. Sociocybernetic Principles: Technology & Ecology & Globalization (session organizer: Eva Buchinger)
  2. Modern Sociological Systems Theory in Social Practice – Applications to Societal Problems (session organizer: Karl-Heinz Simon)
  3. Systemic perspective to think knowledge and cultural management development (session organizer: Margarita Maass)
  4. »Diaspora« and Complexity of Migration (session organizer: Michael Paetau),
  5. Observing, Measuring and Reconstructing Emergent Meaning (session organizer: Liliana Ramírez Ruiz)
  6. Sociocybernetic approach to democratization processes (session organizer: José A. Amozurrutia)
  7. and a slot for presenting two books “Society, Ciberculture and Sociocybernetics” and “Sociology on the move” (session organizer: Margarita Maass).

Abstract submission: from 25th of August to 15th of December 2011.

Please check ISA Forum website for more information on how to sumbit.

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