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Newsletter Issue 25

Our newsletter editor Patricia Almaguer-Kalixto just sent to the internal mailing list the latest issue of our beloved RC51 Newsletter.

In this issue:

RC51 letter from the President, 11th International Conference of Sociocybernetics, June 2011 Faro, Portugal [Call for papers], Journal of Sociocybernetics Thematic Issue on »Liquid Democracy« and »Complexity of Migration« [Call for papers], New RC51 website, ISA Forum 2012 in Buenos Aries, Review of the International Encyclopaedia of Systems and Cybernetics Edited by Charles Francois (2nd Edition, 2004), Book announcements: Second Order Cybernetics: Reflections on Cybernetics, Psychology and Education and Gordon Pask: The Cybernetics of Self-Organisation, Learning and Evolution. Uses and Abuses of Intelligence: Studies Advancing Spearman and Raven’s Quest for Non ArbitraryMetrics, Messages from the RC51 Secretary, Sixth ISA Worldwide Competition for Junior Sociologists.

Fulltext PDF Newsletter download: RC51 Newsletter I_25

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